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Charlie’s Townsend Pilot Office! In the 1976 Pilot film Charlie had a different office (seen above).  The office was located at 8619 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA. The office was only seen in the pilot film.  The building is the home of the Maxazria Gallery. When Charlie’s Angels went to series they office was moved to 189 Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills. 
Charlie’s Angels was a concept co-created by Kate Jackson, Aaron Spelling and Leondard Goldberg. The pilot and then series was to be the star veichle for actress Kate Jackson who was on the Spelling/ Goldberg’s hit show The Rookies.  But The Rookies was ending and they wanted to give Jackson who reclived the most fan mail on The Rookies her own show.
Original TV Guide Ad
The producers had a great idea about three female detectives, Alley, Lee, and Catherine, who fight crime on the streets of Los Angeles in leather. It would be called The Alley Cats. The producers felt that the show would be a great star vehicle for actress Kate Jackson. Jackson was co-starring on the producers series hit, The Rookies. She was invited in for a brainstorming session at producer’s office. Spelling and Goldberg told Jackson their original idea for The Alley Cats and it was available after all the networks had already passed on the idea.  The show was based on three leather dressed ladies fighting crime. Jackson felt the idea was horrible. Jackson’s creative mind quickly went to work. She came up with the idea of a show with girls being detectives. As she looked around the room, she spotted on Spelling’s desk a speakerphone and thought they should work for a guy they never saw named “Harry” and he would give them instructions over the phone.  Everyone like the idea, but Jackson was still not happy about the title. She looked above Spelling’s head and there hung a painting of three angels, and it came to Jackson: “Angels! We should call them ‘Harry’s Angels’!” And the series was born. When Spelling and Goldberg presented their new idea to Fred Silverman, he liked what he heard and suggested the writing team of Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts to bring all the ideas that Spelling and Goldberg and Jackson had created during their brainstorming session into a TV pilot script. Silverman had worked with those writers at CBS, where they created the hit show Maxim. Goff and Roberts created the world of Harry’s Angels with basic story arcs and three heavenly Angels named Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, and Kelly Garrett. But there was another show on the air called Harry O.  So it was Kate Jackson who changes the name to Charlie….and then was born Charlie’s Angels.  
Press Release for the announcement of the Charlie’s Angels series on March 31, 1976
TV Guide Ad March 21, 1976
Inside the Pilot Office 
The pilot film had a different office set up. These two photos show the layout of the office. 
Charle’s Angels Book based on the TV pilot movie Written by: Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts Adapted by : Max Franklin
At the end of the TV movie Farrah Fawcet with a voice over says: “Call if you need us, hu”
Charlie’s speaker box in the pilot was red to match the desk and phone
The plaque on the front of the office was very plain and only read “Private Investigations”