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TV Film Plot:  

Vincent LeMaire, a vineyard owner has been missing for

seven years and is now considered officially dead. The LeMaire

estate is betrothed to his daughter, Janet LeMaire. Janet has

not been seen in years. If she does not claim her inherence,

the estate will go to Vincent’s second wife Rachel. The Angels

assignment is to find out if Vincent LeMaire is really dead. Kelly

goes undercover as Janet LeMair. Rachel and her lover Beau

Creel try to kill Kelly with poisoned warm milk and they find

out that the “real” Janet LeMaire is on her way. Kelly is found

alive and explains she helped kidnap the real Janet LeMaire,

giving her a truth drug to retrieve vital information. Kelly

claims that Janet mentioned something was worth $20 million

on the LeMaire estate. Kelly blackmails Beau & Rachel for half

of everything. Sabrina, playing the “real” Janet, sets up the

bait with wanting worthless swamp land for a bird sanctuary.

Rachel & Beau buy the swamp land back and then have to

retrieve the dead body of Vincent LeMaire from his watery grave.

The Angels are captured as they watch Beau retrieve the dead body

of Vincent LeMaire. Thanks to Charlie tipping off Aram Kolegian,

the Angels escape to safely and the police arrive send everyone

to prison.


Sabrina Duncan: Janet LeMaire

Kelly Garrett: Janet LeMaire/Georgette

Jill Munroe: Secretary/Swamp girl

John Bosley: The Bird watcher/Business man

Scott Woodville: Attorney

Charlie: “XO” Oil Corporation


Kelly could catch her death in the very small white silk

nightgown she wears.


Kate Jackson was originally going to play Kelly Garrett but

changed to the character of Sabrina Duncan.  That is why

the character of Kelly Garrett, then given to Jaclyn Smith

is the main focus of the pilot episode.

The character of Scott Woodville was not included in the series. 

His duties were melted into Bosely.

Guest Stars:

Tommy Lee Jones as Aram Kolegian

Bo Hopkins as Beau Creel

Diana Muldaur as Rachel LeMaire

Director: John Llewelyn Moxey

Writers & Producers: Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts