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Contact: Mike Pingel

Phone: 310-926-8857;

Mike Pingel, author of two books on Charlie’s Angels, Owner and website master of  and owner of one of the largest Charlie’s Angels collections in the world. Pingel was also Farrah Fawcett’s assistant for 2 years (2005-2007).  He also runs Cheryl Ladd ( and Tanya Roberts ( websites for them.  He has also been a consultant for Sony DVD Entertainment with many of their Charlie’s Angels dvd releases and was brought in to consult for the first Charlie’s Angels film Pingel started his 70s geekism with his love for all 70s TV but his most loved show was Charlie’s Angels. He became known as an Angelogist in the media and created, which premiered on the internet in October 1996. The site was quickly picked as the site of the day by Yahoo! and WebTV. Since 1996, the site has kept fans updated on the current works of the actresses and all the information a Charlie's Angels fan could want.   Pingel was called upon during preparation for the 2000 Charlie's Angels movie as a consultant with producers Leonard Goldberg and Drew Barrymore and director McG. Pingel also auditioned for the boyfriend of Natalie (Cameron Diaz) played by Luke Wilson. Pingel can be viewed in the commentary section of Charlie's Angels: The Complete First Season on DVD   Pingel is an avid collector of Charlie's Angels memorabilia, his collection holds over 1,200+ items.    But his Angel collection is the largest includes rare items such as the original Harry's Angels script, a Charlie's Angels pinball machine, Charlie's Angels dolls, dresses, make-up sets and much, much more. His collection includes over 2,000 cool angel items including the famous Farrah Fawcett "Red Swimsuit" poster. .
Books written by Mike Pingel