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Kate Jackson as Sabrina “Brie” Duncan
Farrah Fawcett-Majors as Jill Munroe
Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett
David Doyle as John Bosley  
David Ogden Stiers as Scott Woodville
Charlie's Angels was the star vehicle for a budding actress Kate Jackson.  Jackson was on Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg's series The Rookies and now was to star in their newest creation Charlie's Angels. Jackson was instrumental with the basic creation of the series and even came up with the name Harry's Angels. Which was later changed to Charlie's Angels due to another series Harry O.
Before joining the cast of Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett was best known as the bionic wife of  the Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors.  Fawcett had done several films Logan's Run, Myra Breckinridge, Love Is A Funny Thing, TV guest spots Swat, Apples Way, Marcus Welby and even released a " Swimsuit" poster.  But once she became an Angel, her star status turned her into a phenomenon.  Every you looked  Fawcett was there - on magazine covers, toys, pillows, rugs, bean bag chairs, mirrors and posters.  However all things must come to an end . . . in 1977, after only one year, Fawcett left Charlie's Angels to pursue film offers.
The last original Angel cast was Jaclyn Smith, a Southern Belle from Texas.   When Smith auditioned for the role of  Kelly Garrett, her initial reading didn't go too well.  Plus the producers were looking for a red head to play Kelly - not a brunette.  But Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg fell in love with Smith  and cast her in the series.  Prior to that time, Smith had many small roles in TV shows - Get Christy Love, The Rookies,  commercials - Wella Balsam, Breck Shampoo and printwork as a model - Max Factor.   Once Charlie's Angels hit Wednesday nights, all that was changed.
Stiers had done a guest star on Kojak and had a co-starring role on a series called Doc. He then took the role on as Scott Woodville one of the two male counter parts to Charlie’s Angels.  Yet when the TV movie became a TV series his role was merged with Bosley. Then in 1977 he took the on the role of Major Charles Winchester on M*A*S*H*.
Seasoned actor, David Doyle took on the role of John Bosley in the pilot film and continued for the next five years on the series. Doyle had worked in show business since 1959.  He had a few co-starring roles in The Patty Duke Show (1964), The New Dick Van Dike Show (1971), and Ozzie’s Girls (1973).